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Online 1-1 & 
group sessions

Since the Coronavirus, Lewis has created an online series called, Movement is Medicine. He began teaching these sessions via his instagram @RelaxtoErupt. But now also takes 1-1 and small group sessions.

This 45 minute class is catered for the crazy world we find ourselves living in at the moment. Movement is Medicine focusses on bodyweight movement that can be done in quite literally any space. Each session prioritises strengthening, mobilising and creating fluidity within the body so that we can continue our day to day lives pain free and as active as we choose. As humans we tend to lose sight let along the capacity to move our bodies in ways which used to be natural to us. This is normally due to commutes, habits and our lifestyles. So the aim with these classes is to share my squat routine, hip opening, shoulder and core strengthening exercises with as many people as possible to keep us moving for the absolute medicine movement can give to us during these extremely uncertain times. Rather than seeing this period as a moment to panic, lose touch with our bodies and the community. I am promoting the idea of seeing it as a breath of fresh air, to devote time on training and to be more in tune than every with our own body. So far Lewis has taught people from a mix of backgrounds, abilities and ages who has joined from all over the world such as Greece, France, Germany, America, Canada, Israel, Ireland and England.

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Price List

Price List section; see below the types of services and plans available. Please note that there is no direct link to buy as Its important for Lewis to hear from you first, in order to maximise your growth during these sessions.


1-1 Online Zoom Session

This private session allows more space for the participant to express what they would like to focus on and allows for Lewis to nurture & challenge the individual in a friendly enviroment


Money Saving 1-1 Bundle

These 4 private sessions allow Lewis to better understand the individual he is working with and to set tasks/challenges for the participant to work on before the next session. This bundle saves you £20.


Group Session

This session is for 2-5 people maximum. It is for those who don't like the intimacy of a 1-1 and prefer working in a small, positive and energetic group. You may get in contact with a small group already organised. Alternatively you can get in touch to express you interest so that I can pair you up with others.

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